About Us

It is with great pleasure and pride that we welcome you to our website. During the creation of this website our key concern has always been to facilitate customers. Maximize your access to the products and information init, while presenting you with a pleasant visit.

Zohaib Surgical Company , specializes in manufacturing the highest quality beauty instruments to our customers by employing superior technicians and utilizing advanced production and equipment.


“The best choice for safe treatment and success” is how beauty salons around the world describe our instruments. The management concept of Zohaib Surgical Company.,  is to create products that will not only be a good value to our customers, but will earn their trust while they receive excellent customer service.


“Quality products at reasonable prices” is how our customers describe Zohaib Surgical Company.

Zohaib Surgical Company is located in the beautiful city of Sialkot in the North of Pakistan, which is a Gateway to the Visitors' Paradise ‘Kashmir’. The Sialkot area is renowned for its manufacturing trade so this gives us the opportunity to take advantage of the area’s best manufacturing techniques for beauty instruments.

The founder of Zohaib Surgical Company has worked in the beauty instrument manufacturing industry for the last 9 years. He has a strong desire to produce a better quality product at a price all can appreciate. He believes that he can provide safer and more convenient beauty instruments to costumers by making sure that Zohaib Surgical Company is equipped with the best systematic production line,combined with innovative technology and experienced employees on staff. With that determination, he has set out to experience every aspect of the processes necessary for quality instruments, from research and development to the production line. After 12 years, the dream of an innovative man becomes a reality under the name of Zohaib Surgical Company .



Our vision has always been very clear. It is to offer the best products,at the best prices, to satisfy our customers’ needs.

In order to continue to achieve our vision, We will continue to pursue upgrades in the latest technologies, craftsmanship, production and research and development.

As our skillful technicians put their best efforts into the latest production processes of each and every products, Zohaib Surgical Company, shall produce products with the utmost precision and care. This attention to detail is something seldom seen in today’s automated mass production processes. We will continue to perform our best to become the world’s premier beauty instrument company.


We also manage production and supply according to graphical designs &samples, provided by the customers. We continue our technical modification and improvements of the products. Sound picking is done, keeping in mind the rigors of transportation. We manage the shipment by Sea as well as By Courier.

Our manufacture process takes 4-6 weeks’ time for production of an order,this is the only way to do justice to customers’ expenses. Only in this way, we can select the right category of metal / steel and shape it into product,supervising each stage of the whole production process.

We produce instruments in Mirror Polish, Dull Finish, Satin Finished and Titanium